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     I am a very compassionate and experienced therapist with many years of experience.  I have skills to help explore and address feelings and patterns which interfere with happiness, contentment, and effectiveness. I can help right away to relieve the painful feelings and deal with whatever current situation is causing it. Then we can look to helping work it through and pave the way for choices that will result in a better life. Feelings and experiences of depression, helplessness, grief, anger, etc. can all be understood and can change. Self destructive patterns in relationships can also give way to healthy relating.  Struggles with addictive and impulsive behavior can also change by working together carefully. Self esteem can be nurtured and grow. All areas of struggle can be worked with and emotional pain can be eased. Healthy assertiveness can be enabled. Please call me and we can discuss how I might be helpful to you. 

     I work with adults of all ages. I work with individuals as well as couples. The atmosphere is safe and confidential.